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Managing the Easter Temptation

We live in a world packed with ploys to make us indulge in food, drinks, fads and fashion. And to make matters worse there’s never been a longer lead up to Easter than there is these days. Barely days after Christmas the supermarkets start stocking their shelves with Easter temptations. Brightly wrapped chocolate eggs and the addictive waft of freshly baked Hot Cross Buns. We’re a marketers dream. Here are our top tips when it comes to managing the Hot Cross calories!

  1.  Go for quality over quantity. Age old phrase, right but it’s so true. If you’re faced with the choice between a big glitzy commercial Easter egg or a tiny but fabulous fair trade 70% cocoa treat take the quality over quantity every time. Not only is there less sugar but far less fat. You’ll have far less remorse on Monday.
  2. Speaking of Monday... sure it’s tempting to land half a dozen freshly baked Easter buns in your trolley each time you shop in the knowing that they’re not available all year, but the truth is that they’re actually available almost one third of the year! Save your Easter treat for just the days of Easter and you’ll spare yourself months of working out just to counteract the delicious soft, sweet, carb laden deliciousness. If you’re totally committed perhaps try just sticking to Easter treats on only one day. 
  3. Make good choices. When faced with the dilemma - what to treat eat at Easter, think about your choices. Try mixing it up and including some healthy foods in your long weekend. What about real eggs instead of chocolate, how about wholegrain Hot Cross Buns instead of Nutella laden? How about a thin spread of quality butter instead of lashing of margarine? Watching portions and limiting the number of treats will keep you on track.   
  4. 4. Keep active. Just because you’re on holidays doesn’t mean stop moving. Think of ways to involve the family and friends in your Easter break. Perhaps meet for a walk then enjoy a catch up over coffee. Plan an Easter Egg hunt in the outdoors and invite friends with kids to join you. Include other treasures- not just chocolate. Head to the park for a picnic and organise some fun activities to keep everyone active and brining the calories we consume.

So enjoy your Easter break and like everything - enjoy in moderation!