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Sporting Teams


Sporting Teams

Balance is part of the solution for sporting teams.

Balance Health Clubs at Mayfield provides the ultimate in team and individual sporting development. Balance offers sporting teams the best facilities, including the spacious high performance sports training area, a state-of-the-art recovery area and the latest Suunto and Smart speed technology.

Balance can provide sporting teams with:

  • Fitness assessments More and more coaches require data to assist them with the selection and motivation of players and to set standards/challenges for the team or individuals. Comprehensive sports-specific fitness assessment programs can be designed and implemented by qualified and professional staff.
  • High performance sports training area Balance has a stand-alone high performance training area specifically designed to accommodate elite sporting teams. The area contains Nautilus resistance machines, Swiss balls, a stretching area, a 20-metre indoor running track and a variety of conditioning equipment.
  • Specialised classes For teams that are forced inside to train due to wet weather or for coaches seeking new challenges, Balance provides boxing, cycling, aquatics and Yoga classes to re-energise and re-focus players.
  • Suunto technology Balance is the first health and fitness chain in the Asia Pacific region with the Suunto Fitness Solution. Suunto provides real time results for the team measuring accurately the calories burnt, heart rate and training effect. Suunto is exciting and motivating and improves training efficiency.
  • Smart speed Smart speed uses laser timing technology to measure performance to the nearest thousandth of a second! Its uses are limited only by your imagination. Players can test their speed, agility and power as well as create sport specific games complete with flashing lights and buzzers.
  • Pool sessions A session in a heated pool is a great way to refresh and engage players. A pool session can be incorporated with another program.
  • Recovery facilities Balance offers three ice baths (set at 6-8°C), a hydrotherapy spa (set at 38°C) and a steam room. Scientific research supports the fact that these facilities provide the ideal environment to reduce soreness, to relax and rejuvenate tired limbs and remove lactic acid (which causes fatigue) from the body. Commissioned in 2007, many local national (Knights, Titans, Eels) and international teams (Great Britain and New Zealand Rugby League teams) have utilised the facilities.
  • Change room facilities Balance provides spacious well appointed men’s and women’s change rooms in hygienic surrounds. Individual showers, secure lockers and immaculately cleaned change rooms ensure privacy, security and health standards are met. They are ideally configured for large groups with multiple showers, toilets and mirrors


Balance Mayfield & New Lambton will re-open on Monday the 11th of October at 5.30am. Balance City will re-open on 1st December 2021.

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