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Spring into Spring – Our Top 5 Tips to get you started

Spring is here! As we start to shed the layers, spring is a great time to set yourself up for success in the lead up to summer. It’s time to spring clean your fitness regime, and we have some ways that might help you to get you started.

Book a fitness test or evolt body scanner. Just ask your Balance trainer. It’s a great way to take stock of your fitness, and benchmark your spring starting point for extra motivation in the lead up to summer. You might even take it a step further and get a full physical from your GP. Have them check your blood pressure, cholesterol, iron and other levels that may affect your ability to perform optimally.

Refresh your workout wardrobe. Make a fresh start. Chances are that you’ve been wearing the same runners for a while now so give yourself some new spring in your stride with a new pair. Take your time and get professionally fitted, for best fit, comfort and longevity. Perhaps your work out wardrobe needs a refresh too? Why not go the whole hog? There are some great new styles and colours available in spring, and new gear will give you that extra reason to get up and get going. Check out The Locker Room at Balance Mayfield for the latest stock!

Team up. If you need that extra bit of motivation, its always helpful to have someone depending on you to exercise, be it in the gym, joining a class, team or personal training group, or simply a morning walking buddy. That extra commitment is proven to get you going each day. Choose someone who’s goals and schedule are similar to yours to keep it on track and aim to meet up on certain days each week.

Clean eating. Consider a pantry clean out, or cook up. Spring is a great time to eat clean with an abundance of new season fruits and vegetables hitting the market, so clear out the winter ingredients to make way for the spring produce. Start eliminating the heavier winter foods and start new ways with a visit to your local produce markets. Start thinking fresh salads, grilled protein and seasonal fruits.

Amp it up. Refresh your playlist with some new cool tunes for that extra step in your stride. Take to the gym or the footpath with some new tunes this spring.