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Our hot tips to beat the Winter blues!

Our hot tips to beat the Winter blues!

How many of us are tempted to hang up the boots as soon as the cold winter air starts rolling in? The cold mornings are long and the temptation to stay under the sheets is all to comforting, so we put our staff to the poll and asked what are their best tips to stay on track during the colder months of the year. Check out our hot tips for making the most of winter below:

  • Swap the salads - If you are the type to chomp down on a large salad at lunch time, the idea of a cold lunch can look less appealing once the temperature drops outside. Try swapping the salad for a bowl of steaming hot vegetables. Not only will you get all the benefits of your salad, you body will respond well to a nice hot meal!
  • Green Tea is your friend - Drinking large amounts of water can be daunting at the best of times, and during winter you may be convinced to swap to a hot coffee or hearty hot chocolate. Our suggestion is to put down the coffee, and pick up the green tea! Green Tea is loaded with anti-oxidants that can improve mood and brain function, as well giving you an un-suspecting caffeine hit!
  • Train in the morning - This may seem like the worst idea when all you want to do is stay under the covers. However training in the morning, especially when it's cold out, however you will fill your body with feel-good endorphin's as well as catch as much of that precious Vitamin D, as many people lack enough Vitamin D during the colder months.
  • Invest in your warm-up - It is nothing new that your body requires time to warm into exercise to reduce the chance of injury. This is increasingly important during the colder months, so take a little longer to ensure you are properly warm before tackling your workout head on. As a general rule of thumb, spend 10-15 mins before your session ensuring your muscles and joints are warm before rigorous exercise.
  • Book your sessions in advance - Keep yourself accountable by booking sessions with your favourite PT in advance. By doing so, you are forcing yourself to create a habit that will, after time, become second nature and a part of your lifestyle!

Special thanks to our trainers Casey and Che for their insight!


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