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How to… use the SkiErg

How to… use the SkiErg

You may have seen the SkiErg machine in our Cardiff and Mayfield gyms, and wondered ‘how on earth do I use that?’ Well, wonder no more!

The sales pitch for the SkiErg says it makes Nordic skiing available to everyone, and while that may be stretching the point somewhat (unless you have an exceptionally vivid imagination) it is an excellent functional training machine, that uses all of the muscles that you employ in skiing, giving you a whole body workout – and it burns some serious calories, too.

The movement:

To use SkiErg, grab the handles with your hands and push your bum back. Then pull down on the handles and lower your hips into a squat movement. When pulling down, pull your elbows into the ribs, and extend your arms back, contracting the triceps, and make sure you go into a deep squat.

The workout:

This is a great machine for short, intense spurts of explosive effort.

For example, 20 seconds intense effort, 10 seconds recovery, repeated 20 times, will give you a heart-pumping 10 minute whole body work out, and some serious cardio burning, too. 

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