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Keeping up the motivation as the days get colder… and shorter

Who else feels like hibernating under the warm covers as the days get colder and daylight hours shorter? Reluctance to exercise is the most common complaint as we approach winter, and we have a few tips on how to beat it!

Mix it up. Environmental factors are a real contributor to how we feel about and approach exercise, so you’re not alone here.  So if you’re not great at exercising in the cold, perhaps this time of year is the time to consider taking to the indoors more and mixing up your regime slightly. Of course we welcome you at Balance.

Warming up and down. It is what it is, but its more important in the cooler months to take the warm up and down seriously. If you do this in the comfort of your home it will be far easier to tackle the outside world in the cold (and perhaps dark) if you’re feeling warm and motivated. It might be as little as 20 squats just to get your body moving. Similarly take the time to warm down.

Dress for success. It may seem silly but dress warm, and in layers. If you start out warm its proven that you’re more likely to set out to do what you achieve. Dress in layers so as your body temperature increases, you can shed your layers.

Set yourself a winter goal. If you know you’re more inclined to live the good life in winter, or have a natural affinity to load up on carbs, then set yourself a realistic goal which your exercise regime will help you meet. Is it to maintain your weight over the winter, but eat more hearty foods, then set your exercised plan accordingly.

Consider a trainer. At Balance we have qualified personal trainers at the ready, and they know just how hard exercising in the cooler months can be. They are there to motivate you, support you on your journey. After all who wants to leave a trainer in the lurch without a good excuse, right?

Sign up for classes. Sometimes having a little bit of commitment is all that it takes to ensure we exercise. Sign up for a weekly class, you’ll feel compelled to be there. And you’ll be so glad you did. At Balance with so many types of group sessions on offer at days and times that suit everyone, there really is no excuse, is there?

Eye on the prize. Its all for a common cause, right. Staying fit and healthy will prepare you for the warmer months ahead. By keeping your eye on the prize, the spring and summer months ahead, will keep you motivated to keep up your routine. There’s nothing worse than going into spring and then wondering how to get back into shape.