Balance Collective




With a litany of diets, fads, challenges being promoted to us almost on a daily basis, we're constantly reminded of ways to better our health and weight.

Take Dry July which is in full swing, and for some they're on the home run, having taken the challenge of giving up alcohol for the month of July and raising money for cancer research. While we certainly encourage anyone to take part in any of these causes, and there are many, like Feb Fast too.  While there are most certainly benefits of taking a month off a vice, for many the feeling of improved wellbeing, saving money and perhaps taking a fresh approach to alcohol consumption, perhaps we should be considering a longer term, perhaps less severe approach?

While we totally support these charitable causes, our team of trainers encourage moderation, and a longer term approach to maintaining optimal health. Consider perhaps reducing your daily intake of sugar or alcohol over the long term and really see the health benefits, rather than strict avoidance one month and an influx the following month, what really is the net benefit to that? Perhaps consider using Feb Fast or Dry July as a stepping stone to a longer term reduction in alcohol consumption. Many people find that once they have broken the daily routine of over consumption that it's easier to maintain an ongoing healthy intake, and the longer term benefits are many.

Naturally, keeping your regular exercise regime is far easier too if you limit your alcohol consumption, and many find that over a month of abstinence they see dramatic improvement in their health, wellbeing and weight, and for this reason tend to develop better long term habits.

So, our take on charitable causes like Dry July and Feb Fast? Use them as a springboard to better health and create good long term habits rather than it being purely a month-long fad. Break the cycle and better your health for good.