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9 weeks ‘till Christmas…

As retailers begin to roll out decorations and temptations, and prepare to reel us into their world, so too do many of us start the countdown to Christmas.

Its 10 weeks away. OMG…

And with that comes the…

“I need to lose weight for Christmas”

“I need to exercise more to counteract all the temptations”

“I need to shed some kilos before I bust out the bathers”

Sound familiar?

Well we have a few words of wisdom…

Don’t panic. It’s the same thing every year!

Don’t fad diet or fling yourself into a frenzy.

Who cares that its 10 weeks out…

Keep calm people.

Our top trainers and team of experts at Balance always recommend a consistent effort for both longevity and productivity. By ensuring that you have a year round program not only will your physical and mental health benefit, but you’ll be less inclined to fad diet and exercise, thereby maintaining optimal health and weight all year.

But if you’ve left it until the home run on the year (and the decade!), here are a few tips to help you launch yourself into success.

  1. Get started
  2. Get moving
  3. Join a Balance gym or if you’re already a member enquire about training with a Personal Trainer
  4. Arrange to exercise with a friend to increase your commitment
  5. Plan to have a few alcohol free days each week in preparation for increased temptations
  6. Prepare healthy light meals, it’s the perfect time of year for fruit and salads
  7. Increase your water intake, drink at least 2L a day
  8. Leave the car at home, walk or take the bike to work
  9. Drive to parties or events, you’ll be less tempted to drink!
  10. Say no to fried, processed and sugary foods and avoid unnecessary calories

Good Luck!