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6 Months To Balance

6 Months To Balance

Newcastle Live have recently launched a Lifestyle section on their website and in support, Balance Collective have jumped on board by helping out in a real life way.

Dan Beazley, their Managing Editor, has put his hand up to undergo a body and wellness change of mindset with our Group Health and Fitness Manager Will as his guide and personal trainer. Dan will work with Will over the next 6 months to experience all that Balance has to offer. 

Keep up to date with Dan's blog that will document his real life journey “6 Months To Balance” through Newcastle Live or through Facebook and Instagram. 

BLOG 1 - You've Got To Start Somewhere 

BLOG 2 - 6 Months To Balance - The 'Before' Photo

BLOG 2 -  6 Months To Balance - Working out, losing weight and giving up beer!

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